The Schlesinger Institute is a research and teaching institute in the field of Jewish Medical Ethics. Through the scholarship and expertise of leading rabbis, physicians, and jurists, the Institute aims to: research halachic issues that emerge as medicine progresses; provide facilities as a resource center for health care professionals, students and general public; acquaint professionals and the public with the important interaction between Medicine, Ethics and Halacha.

International Congress "MEDICINE, ETHICS & JEWISH LAW"
January 8-10, 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark.

For the 4th time, the Jewish community of Copenhagen arranges a congress on Jewish medical ethics. The congress is open to everyone, and the language is English and targeted to physicians, dentists, nurses, lawyers, rabbis and the general public.

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The Chaim Kahn Data Base for Medical Ethics and Halacha

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Halachot for the Physician on the Sabbath and Festivals

A pocket guidebook of medical halacha, an important book for every physician.

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Jewish Medical Ethics series
(2 volumes)

The JME series
(Dedicated to Martha Samson) contains articles originally published in the JME journal. Including the folloeing topics: Jewish Medical Ethics, Genetics, Fertility, Organ donation, Lifesaving, AIDS, Mental Health and more.

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The Dr.Falk Schlesinger Institute for Jewish Medical Ethics & Halacha Research, Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem