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"What I learnt has proved invaluable in my projection of a Jewish Doctor in a very difficult secular society!"

Q&A about Yom-Kippur

The IRP (International responsa Project) is a unique service which allow you to pose any medical-halachic question and receive rapid, clear halachic answers, guidance and solutions.

Additional information you can be found in our forum

Shanna Tova

In the opening of the comming year we wanted to wish you all:

May this coming year be blessed with health and happiness to you and your family.

The Schlesinger Institute

Summer Program in Jewish Medical Ethics

Summer Program in Jewish Medical Ethics & Halacha will be held in Jerusalem from July 4 to July 29, 2010. This program, geared towards Jewish medical students from overseas, is in English and include Lectures, Trips and Shabbatot.

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For more information or participation please contact the Education Coordinator.

The program is sponsored by:

List of Kosher le'Pesach drugs

The Schlesinger Institute wish you all, Kosher and Happy Passover.
Our office as well our Library for Medical Ethics and Halacha will be close during the holiday.

List of Kosher drugs can be found here (Hebrew & English)

Chag Sameach.