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About the seminar days
Example of a seminar day
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About the seminar days

“Thanking you Dr. Halperin for your insightful address to us…
Your analysis of the Halachic problems involved in IVF, surrogacy and
cloning was highly informative and most beneficial.”

Chief Rabbi of South Africa, Rabbi Cyril K. Harris B.A., M.Phil, F.J.C

The Schlesinger Institute offers day seminars for schools, universities, Rabbis and those studying for smicha, overseas groups and the wider public. The seminar days are generally topic based and deal with a variety of issues depending on the requirements of the group.

Arranged in accordance with the education coordinator at the Institute, groups can chose from a series of workshops, panels, tours of the hospital, lectures and question and answer sessions. For a list of lecture topics click here.

All seminar days take place at the Schlesinger Institute which is located in the Shaare Zedek Medical Center Complex, Jerusalem.

We provide a lecture hall, refreshments and a program fitted to the nature of your group, according to topic, level of knowledge and age group. For a sample timetable click here.

To order a day seminar click here or contact our education coordinator at or by phone: 02-6555267

Example of a seminar day


Egg Donation and Surrogacy
(This timetable was designed for Israeli law syudents)





Rabbi Dr. M. Halperin

Introduction to the topics of Egg Donation and Surrogacy



Coffee Break


Rabbi S. Rappoport

Surrogacy and ownership of eggs: A look at the Nachmani case



Lunch and Tour of The Schlesinger Institute library


Prof. A. Steinberg

Introduction to Egg Donation in Jewish Law


Lawyer; M. Hibner

The public committee for the issue of egg donation and the law ensuing from it



Tour of the Shaare Zedek Medical Center including a visit to the IVF department


List of topics for seminars

Introductory Topics:
Obligation to Heal and to Seek Healing.
Modern Perspectives on Halacha and Medicine
Beth Cholim Dati
Medical Safety Practice
Rabbi Feinstein's Influence on Medical Halacha
Being a Jewish Physician
Being a Jewish Female Doctor
Bikur Cholim Issues
Pain and Suffering: Ethical and Halachic Principles
Medical Mistakes and Malpractice: a Halachic Perspective
Introduction to the Israeli Medical System
Piskei Halacha in practice Q&A session

Early Life Issues:
In Vitro Fertilization
Ethical and Halachic Dilemmas in ART
Halachic Dilemmas in ART – Case Study
Prenatal Diagnoses
Stem cell Research
Genetic Screening
Halachic Issues in Genetic Screening
Abortion and the Right to Self-Defense
Introduction to Infertility
Introduction to Female Infertility
Introduction to Male Infertility
Obligation to treat the defective newborn
Lactation in Halacha
Halachic Issues in Multiple Fetuses
Surrogate Motherhood

Psychotherapy – related issues:
The Role of G-d in Psychotherapy
Depression and Suicide
The Doctor's Feelings: Between Almightyness and Helplessness
Withholding Medical Treatment
Mental Health in the Charedi Community.
Truth-telling, Confidentiality and Informed Consent
Depression – in Psychiatry and in Chasidut
Emotional Competency according to Psychiatry and Halacha
Psycho-Analysis and Religion, The Belief in God in Mental Health and Sickness
Halachic Considerations in Mental Health
The Mourning for the Churban as an Existential Given of the Human Condition

Shabbat & Chaggim:
General Principles of Shabbat Laws
Shabbat in the Hospital
How to Give First Aid on Shabbat
Working on Shabbat & Shabbat in the Hospital
Treating Patients (including non-Jews) on Shabbat
Violation of Shabbat and Other Laws in Order to Alleviate Patients' Anxiety
Categories of the Sick on Shabbat
Pikkuach Nefesh
Obligation to Rescue
Fasting on Yom Kippur and Tisha B’Av
The Halachic Ramifications of Fasting on Fast-days

End of Life Issues:
End of Life Decisions in the ICU Around the World
Triage and the Allocating Scarce Resources
DNR, Tube-feeding Alzheimer’s Patients
Determination of Death
Treatment of the Terminally Ill
Organ Transplantation; Halachic Issues
Organ Transplantation in Israel

Additional Topics:
Alternative and Unproven Therapies
The Blind in Halacha
The Deaf in Halacha
The Disabled (general) in Halacha
Cystic Fibrosis and Emphysema
Trans-sexual Surgery
Physician Licensing
The Physician on Strike
Plastic Surgery
Abuse: Child , Spouse, Elder
Abuse: Sexual, Physical, Mental
Errors in Talmudic Physiology
Pets and Halacha
Sanctity of Life; Halachic Aspects of War and Peace.
Nursing in Halacha
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Religious Patients
What are My Chances of Making Aliyah as a Doctor?
Medical Experimentation
Alternative Healing

Tours (up to 25 persons):
Rounds, ER, Neonatology, Geriatrics and other departments on request
Tour of Shaare Zedek Medical Center – The Halachic Hospital

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